Loose Lips & Sinking Ships

by When We Were Giants

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Chris Gomez
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Chris Gomez Very different from my usual but I love diversity and these guys really have it. For those alternative lovers Favorite track: There's No Mountains In This Neighbourhood But The View From This Roof Isn't Bad.
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released October 26, 2012

Homesick Records 2012



all rights reserved


When We Were Giants Boston, UK

Greg Simpson - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano
Kane Storr - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums

A band from Lincolnshire. Everything is created completely by us, from the writing of the songs to the production of the songs.

Contact: Greg on whenweweregiantsuk@gmail.com
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Track Name: Goodbye To The Ground
I’ve walked this room for hours and I still want to leave.
I’m done with them, their jealous minds and their lying tongues.
Track Name: A Change In The Weather
I have your word and you have mine. If we leave now we’ll be on time to catch the last train on this line but if we miss it at least we tried to get the hell out of this town. We’d be the first from around here to dream of somewhere else. Because the more I seem to find my feet the less I seem able to speak. I think a change in surroundings would do good for me. I don’t find comfort in the fact that I wont see mornings light but the afternoons instead, it’s never quite enough. My eyes weigh heavier than the weight of the words ringing in my ears, for tonight at least it seems. But they’re glazed with good intentions and the sleep that I’m missing.

The strings that hold our lives together are the strings that break in time but I made us a rope, can i throw it out to you like so?
Track Name: To A Lover, To A Friend
Say girl you’ve got some bright eyes. As you’re fucking around with my head and those words that you said, I’m just dreaming of bright skys and I’m dreaming of seeing your face again. Well I’ll make a promise tonight that I’m never going to leave your side and girl you know it’s true, I’m a weeping willow for you. Girl, I’ve been having late nights. With all this caffeine I’m half dreaming and maybe believing we’re somewhere in disguise. Somewhere where no one can see us for what we are. I’m not settled but I’ll get by and I’ll scream these words for you one last time because girl you know it’s true, I’m a weeping willow for you. And as the winter grows we’re singing this loud. We’ll be the ghosts inside the walls of this house.

This song wont last the ride so we’ll sleep under these stars tonight with your body intwined in mine.
Track Name: There's No Mountains In This Neighbourhood But The View From This Roof Isn't Bad
I can’t believe it’s been a year since we were writing songs about getting better and singing of sinking ships with our friends. I can’t believe more so that we spent years up in arms when we would’ve caught on like a house on fire in the midst of summer. Now I always walk on your side of the road when I go home in case I hear Morrissey. When I do I always stop to think how things have changed and how things could be changed because I’m always scared for Septembers. Maybe I’m just not one to celebrate another year. But in our coming out, should it all get too much swear you’ll bring me down, I lose sight sometimes, I know. And should we fall to our knees in some city far away that we don’t know, we’ll find our way back home. So please don’t bury me alone beneath this wood and bone.

Would you just look at me shake from knowing that we’re on the edge of something great.
Track Name: Something To Write Home About
An old friend came by today after arguements with a girl that he fell in love with. As I talked to him I really thought for once he changed his ways and heaven knows I’ve missed him. We sat and talked about the year gone by since we last met as friends in the outskirts of this town. He seemed tired and I’m sure I did too but I’m just glad we’re finally okay. Still, I’m sorry it took me so long to come around. A car park replaced the old cinema where I saw my first film as a child. They’ll probably burn that down too six months from now and if they do I wonder if they’ll catch them this time because I’ve had friends who’d do that and I loved them back then but now I’m just working on moving forward. I hear they cut down the trees where we use to sleep on the nights when I was troubled for the worst. Allegedly to stop people like me from lighting fires but I only did it to keep me warm. But now that we’ve moved on I guess we don’t need that, we’ve all got cars or a space in someones bed. I know that deep down inside this is the closest place I have to home so the words I have on this cave you call a chest is what I’d call hope. That one I’ll build one for myself, I’m not quite there yet but I’m getting there, I’ll get there somehow. Even if it takes forever.

Did we ever talk about why you left? I hear it’s nice there in summer so I hope your choices chose the right ones.
Track Name: The Song Plays On But The Record Is Cracking
Let’s pack all of our things and find somewhere we can see ourselves living a quiet life. A place where the sand meets the sea and the years would pass by so delicately. I think we both need that time away from all the things we use to hate. But maybe someday I’ll go back to the place where I use to live to see if it’s changed and to see if the people I loved got away from it all. I hope that they did. Because I’ve seen what this place can do. I’ve felt my back breaking from the weight of the world on my shoulders. I need the air from the coast in my veins again, to stop myself from caving in. I’m so sorry mother for what I have done to this body you gave me but just count the tattoos as scars because I’ve been told that scars are just marks of stories and the roads I’ve taken to get me here. Besides, I’m comfortable in them.

So may the privelige be mine to watch the world go to hell by your side. And as we all disappear, hand in hand, we’ll persevere.
Track Name: From A Movie Reel
We’re almost there, I’d recognise that hotel anywhere. Just a few more miles left. This will be the first time in a year since we were last here. It feels good to hear the clocks again and all looks the same. For now I’m only seven, I don’t quite understand the bottles on the window sill. But if you said these triangles were mountains, I’d imagine them as such because I had no reason to disbelieve you. I had faith you’d point me the right way. I remember jars filled to the brim with coins and I always wanted to take a few, but I knew better than that. So I just thought I’d let you know that everyone back home is thinking of you and that I made words from your leftover belongings. I’m not the boy you use to know anymore, I’ve grown up and I’m fine and I crave a love so deep, the oceans would be jealous. But I think I have that though. I’m sure I do. We’re almost there. Just one more mile left. I’m tired but I can stay awake for this. And through the rain I see the stairs, they’re a little smaller than I remember
but my eyes are glazed with good intentions and lack of sleep. I walk and listen to hear a voice ringing in my ears. I hold my breath half asleep but safe.

Not a thing here has changed.
Track Name: Eighty Weeks Or Days Or Minutes As Years
I wrote a list of things today of all the things that I should do before the clocks count me out. And on this list of things to do, the first thing I wrote was to make it up to you. She said “it’s been such a long, long time since I’ve seen you smile” and it broke my heart inside. So don’t say you’re to blame, I’ve got a problem dear but I’m doing all i can to be okay. Just have some faith in me, I wont let this take who I am. I wrote a list of things today of all the things that I could say to everyone I’ve ever known. Then I wondered if they thought of me or would recognise my face. Or if they even remember the times. These long hours get to me. I just don’t think I’m built for modern life. So can I come home tonight, if I’m welcome. I could be the smile that you want, if you don’t mind. I’m sorry for letting you down and I’m sorry for the worst of me. I’m so sorry for ever letting you down but this time I wont fall. I wrote a list of things today of all the things that I could do if I change my ways. Then I planned for something else and I left for your house and I held myself and breathed.

I think I could be the space in your bed. If you want.
Track Name: I Was Quite Adventurous When I Was Alive
I’ve always been a dreamer, so is it such a crime? Isn’t it obvious who’s losing when each day’s a struggle for bright? I wish that I could reinvent myself, take a train up the east coast and stay there for a while. Maybe believe myself when I say things are looking up because I painted words inside my arm but what use are they if I wont listen? My hours blur into eachother and I can’t seem to find the words inside this heavy heart i carry. Still, my eyes are heavier. But one more day and I’ll be fine, I’ve come over worse than this with wrists intact. Just don’t be the one who lets me down. We’re safe but if I’m being honest I think I’m just scared of the winter to come by this year because I know what it is now, I think that’s what scares me the most. So given the chance and the circumstance I will sleep it off but we both know I’m better than that. So if you just give to me the days to see this through, I wont let you down this time. I could forget our wrongs before they do.

If you just tell me how to feel like we did when we were young, then I could find my voice again and this time I wont drown.
Track Name: Stay
Am I everything that you thought I’d turn out to be all those times that we spent chasing our own tails? We spent our days in the quiet grasp but we never strayed too far from our friends and from the places that we knew. Do you remember it? Because it feels like ancient history to me. So is life everything that you thought it would always be all those times that we spent planning for something else? All the things we’d hate back then are all the things you grew to be. I like to think we haven’t changed, but that’s just me. Because I had plans to move down south
with all the birds and settle down. I was just trying to find the room to breathe and so were you but I hope one day we’ll meet in the middle at least. I kind of miss those little talks we’d have when we’d run away and hide, and if we weren’t back by sunset, we’d still be fine.

...and it felt like an adventure when we were young.
Track Name: ...Where I Want To Be
We’d watch the sun set behind the field beside the house we’d haunt and we’d talk about the things we want from life and what we’ve lost. We’d shed our clothes to feel the cold and God, we were fine in the quiet grasp of true blue eyes. All the while the clocks tried to take our blood and the hands around my neck held on tight. Still, we tried to find a smile. But I swear it never stayed this cold on the nights we spent in the worst parts of this town, trying to hold it together. Trying to wait out the weather. Maybe it was the warmth of another soul that had been cut up the same. There’s nothing like another ghost stuck in their ways. But I’ll be home tonight, for the cold and all the bright lights and because winter these days means that everyone’s as miserable as me. But when I get home tonight, we’ll trade tales of what we have seen this year and I’ll miss it like hell, but we built something here. I’ve lost track of where we’re going, are you settling again? Are you missing the way we use to play? Because I am.

And as I’m counting down the sunsets until I leave to settle down, the radio plays on and for once, I feel like I’m where I want to be.